Why Yoga? Focused breathing, stretching and movement of the body brings connection to your body… then the mind can feel the beauty of the body. When this happens, we are in peace and love. In this moment all areas are aligned: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness. We experience joy and bliss.

My View of Yoga
Yoga is an inner training of being. Just to be without doing anything. When you are, you become centered…when you are centered in your core, there is a strength you possess, so that moving through the world becomes effortless.

The journey of yoga is the journey of your evolution. Whenever you start to do yoga is perfect. However you start yoga, for physical, mental, emotional or spiritual reasons, is perfect.

Offering Group Classes or Personalized Sessions:

  • Hatha and Vinyasa Flow Yoga – energetic postures focusing on alignment, muscle/core strengthening and increasing your circulation
  • Restorative/Gentle Yoga – restful postures for relaxation and meditation while deeply stretching and affecting your connective tissue.