The Power & Possibilities in Finding Your True Self retreat was the best experience of my life! I was in heaven and bringing that energy to the outer world, everywhere is heaven! I love it! You two are truly amazing and there is a huge need for what you have created! Thank you so much for such a special week. It changed who I am forever! I love you both and wish you well in New York and Guatemala!!


“I found Emily to be a delightfully sensitive and astute life skills coach. Emily blended a rich sense of humour with a gentle graciousness that allowed me to explore my life more meaningfully and thoroughly. I was able to take steps towards not only examining my lifestyle, but also taking actions towards achieving my goals in all areas of my life.”

Emily has the gift of bringing together a meaningful circle of people, with powerful conversations and love.  She helps turn the key to ignite your soul in a way that allows you to awaken a little more.  Through here receptive and reflective approach to facilitation (and ‘life coaching’), she guided me to shed light on the core beliefs I know (now) that haven’t been serving my higher self and learn how to create new ones that serve me on my path.  My deepest gratitude for sharing your energy and the relief and inspiration it brought into my life.

I feel very fortunate to have done my Reiki levels 1 and 2 with Emily Henderson. Her genuine, heartfelt approach to sharing Reiki and the attunement process was truly inspiring. As a Reiki Master, Emily provided a safe space for healing and learning to occur on many levels, and I immediately felt a deeper connection to the Source. I continue to feel fully supported by Emily in my initiation to this sacred practice. Beyond experiencing her abilities to teach Reiki to others, I have been gifted with many healing sessions with Emily. Every sessionhas been a unique and authentic expression of her healing abilities as a practitioner and guide. I am honored to be a recipient of the energy that Emily provides as a healer, a teacher and as a conduit for love and light. In Gratitude

Emily has the gift of tapping into the healing energy one needs and integrating it effortlessly into her Reiki/Massage techniques. I felt her heart and soul put forth in every movement.

When I asked for transcendence I didn’t really expect it but you seemed to take me to another dimension!

Really great deep tissue, very effective and I feel like there is energy unblocked now. Strong hands were able to dig into the muscles and great care with movements. Your foot massage was amazing with the amount of pressure and focus I felt every cell in my foot and my heal and it was amazing.

Emily’s yoga class brought me to a new awareness with continued breath work prompting throughout the entire class.  She handily explained the breathing that at first felt totally opposite of what I would have normally done but the key was how she continued with subtle reminders with each pose.  It made a simple forward bend be more than just a time-out but instead a chance to pull in and tone your tummy muscles. Her other tips on engaging the relevant muscles gave me a feeling of a great overall toning workout. I’ll be back!!!!  Thanks, Emily!!