Breathwork – change your world from the inside out

Recently I had the opportunity to train with and be around some of the most established breathwork teachers in the world at Bali Spirit Fest 2017. Everyday for a week, 100’s of courageous people gathered to breath for an hour -conscious connected breaths to:

  • Connect to our true selves
  • Release & resolve emotions and belief systems
  • Express aspects of ourselves which may have never been seen before
  • Eliminate toxins/waste through the lungs
  • Gain clarity, insight & purpose
  • Feel peace, relaxation & presence

What did I learn?

  • Love is the answer
  • Our beings naturally want to be whole
  • Everything passes so not to be attached to a particular outcome – Accept what is
  • Breathwork is a simple natural way into the inner world – a way of coming home

I’m sharing Alchemy of Breath in private or group sessions throughout the world. Come join me in Discovering Your True Self – A Journey in Peru – June 25-July 2. We’ll dive deep following the energy of the medicine wheel and explore our inner worlds through yoga, meditation, breathwork, sound healing, sacred ceremony and plant medicine.

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